Hire ODSUA Umpires

If you need professional umpiring services in Northern Virginia or the Washington DC Metro Area¬† or would like to consult us regarding rules for your slow pitch softball tournament or league, you’ve come to the right place!

ODSUA has some of the best slow pitch softball umpires in the country, ready to get out on the field and call your games. Our training committee and its program focuses exclusively on adult slow pitch softball. Through both classroom and on field training as well as annual testing and clinics, this committee ensures that our umpires are well-versed in the current rules and mechanics for officiating the game of adult slow pitch softball.

We have also invested in systems for electronic management and communication of game assignments to our umpires, ensuring accuracy of initial assignments as well as efficient and effective re-assignment when game times or locations change. This has resulted in a game completion percentage of well over 99% for the over 15,000 games assigned by our association in its history. We also maintain a Code of Conduct that is annually reviewed and signed by every member of our Association to ensure professional behavior and appearance on the field.

For more information about hiring ODSUA, contact the President of our Association for the details of getting us to work for you!

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